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Social Systems Design Business

Transition Strategy

AMITA facilitates a transition from an asymmetrical society that becomes unsustainable as individuals' well-being is attained, to a symmetrical society that becomes sustainable as individuals' well-being is attained.

To do so, we provide businesses and municipalities with a Transition Strategy to help them detect signs of social change, identify risks and opportunities stemming from that change, and become more agile to embrace transformation for a sustainable future.

Social Systems Design Business

AMITA creates a new society
by redesigning industries and people's everyday living.

Redesigning communities, Redesigning industries


Redesigning industries


The biggest risk is to do nothing at all. An enterprise that has the courage to break the mold of competition based on prices and feature and co-create a market driven by value and relationships can gain a first-mover advantage.

AMITA assists corporate clients in their efforts to become first movers by helping them develop and implement a Transition Strategy from start to finish. We select a team of professionals that best cater for each client's business needs, and provide assistance in the following three areas:

  • Transitioning to business management that emulates a natural ecosystem (ecosystem-driven business management)
  • Establishing a business model based on a circular economy that circulates tangibles, information, and people's behavioral motivations
  • Designing an optimum supply chain that brings partners together with shared value rather than economic interests


Redesigning communities


Communities have increasingly serious and complex challenges to deal with: a population drain; declining employment opportunities; an aging and shrinking population; and the rising cost of social security.

AMITA has developed a program for motivating community residents to exercise ephemeral but universal drive to help others, and offers solutions for decentralized, autonomous community management to municipalities around the country.

More specifically, we assist municipalities in designing and implementing sustainable community management, built around resource-collection sites that promote a mutually supportive community. Assistance we provide to municipalities includes:

  • Reducing municipalities' spending in environmental solutions, social security, and welfare services
  • Reducing procurement costs and risks for businesses and making better use of information about residents and available resources
  • Providing residents with a safe place to spend leisure time with their families and neighbors and a cleaner living environment
Our Style
A“Do tank” that goes beyond think tanks

AMITA is a group of professionals armed with
a wealth of hand-on expertise and experience
in developing and implementing sustainable solutions.
We make sure clients’ visions will come to fruition.

Biomimicry Learning from a natural ecosystem

In a natural ecosystem, all living and non-living organisms are mutually dependent, interact with each other, and constantly adapt themselves to changing environments to keep the system sustainable and predictable.

AMITA has taken a biomimicry approach—drawing inspiration from a natural ecosystem— to develop its Social Systems Design Business, which assists businesses and municipalities in transitioning to more sustainable business and community management. It is a transition to pursuing circular design that produces no waste, to fulfilling the best interests of the whole system rather than its parts, and to achieving dynamic balance that maintains stability while constantly changing.

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