IR Policy

  • Disclosure Policy
    AMITA HOLDINGS ensures promptness, fairness, and accuracy in disclosing information to all its stakeholders.
    The Company discloses information promptly and appropriately in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, as well as with the Timely Disclosure Rules established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    The Company also discloses fairly and proactively information not mandated by the Rules if the Company determines that such disclosure will benefit stakeholders interested in having a better understanding of the Company.
  • Method of Information Disclosure
    The Company discloses information as mandated by the Rules via the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and posts published information to the Company's website.
    The Company also discloses nonmandatory information appropriately, accurately, and fairly in keeping with the purpose of the Rules.
  • Quiet Period
    The Company has a period of silence that extends from the day after the end of a quarter to the day of an earnings announcement for that quarter, so as to keep the earnings information confidential and ensure fairness to all shareholders. During the quiet period, the Company does not comment on business results or forecasts.
    However, in the event, during the quiet period, that a significant change in business performance is predicted or a material fact either arises or is found to have arisen, the Company discloses relevant information promptly.
    The Company answers questions at any time, even during the quiet period, about information that the Company has already disclosed to the public.
    The Company will not discuss or comment on any undisclosed material facts at any time.

The Company makes every effort to ensure the integrity of information provided on this website. However, the information may not be entirely accurate due to unauthorized alteration by a third party, mechanical problems resulting from system malfunctions, or other inevitable events beyond our control. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage resulting from actions taken based on the information provided on this website. The Company reserves the right to update, change, or delete all or any part of the information provided on this website at any time without advance notice.