Compliance Guidelines

The AMITA Group (the "Group") defines compliance as adhering to applicable laws, regulations, and rules to meet social expectations while demonstrating a strong sense of integrity and ethics and exercising sound judgment. The Group recognizes that meeting compliance requirements is essential to its sound business growth and has established these Compliance Guidelines to provide the basis for all its officers and employees to observe.

Basic rules of conduct in business
  • Meet all compliance requirements
    We demonstrate a strong sense of ethics and exercise sound judgment in business and adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, socially recognized standards and rules, contracts and commitments with clients and suppliers, and internal rules and procedures.
  • Act in the best interests of others
    We act in the best interests of clients, suppliers, shareholders, and coworkers.
  • Place compliance ahead of other considerations
    We place meeting compliance requirements ahead of pursuing commercial gains or meeting the demand of others.
  • Report compliance irregularities and concerns
    We report an actual or potential compliance violation, regardless of who has committed it, to a supervising manager or the hotline established and operated under the Compliance Rules.
Respect for basic human rights
  • Respect human rights and prohibit discrimination
    We respect basic human rights and prohibit any discrimination against others on grounds of nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, political belief, gender, origin, lineage, disability, or age.
  • Prohibit harassment in workplaces
    We do not commit or tolerate harassment against others, including verbal or physical abuse to undermine their dignity, that takes advantage of the gender and power disparity among individuals.
  • Prohibit forced labor or child labor
    We do not engage in any form of forced labor or child labor.
Fair and ethical business practices
  • Maintain proper relationships with clients and suppliers
    We maintain fair and equitable business relationships with clients and suppliers, respecting each other's positions, rights, and interests and observing applicable laws and regulations.
  • Promote fair competition
    We do not unfairly restrict business transactions or resort to unfair transactions that might jeopardize fair competition.
  • Report financial results accurately
    We ensure accuracy in bookkeeping and financial reporting. We do not falsify accounting records or financial statements.
  • Disclose information appropriately
    We ensure transparency in business operations and disclose relevant information appropriately to earn the affinity of the public for the Group's business. We disclose the Group's financial and business performance accurately and impartially to shareholders and investors in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Maintain sound relationships with politicians and public officers
    We maintain sound and transparent relationships with politicians and public officers and do not offer illegal donations, payoffs, or bribes to them.
  • Self-impose restrictions on gift-giving and entertainment for business purposes
    We do not give or receive gifts or entertainment that exceed socially acceptable levels to or from clients or suppliers, in order to maintain sound and impartial relationships with them.
  • Have no association with antisocial groups
    We take a tough stance (described below) against, and have no association with, antisocial groups or organizations that pose a threat to social order and safety.
    1. Mount a coordinated response
      We mount coordinated responses to antisocial groups.
    2. Protect the safety of officers and employees
      We protect the safety of officers and employees against violence and force imposed on them by antisocial groups.
    3. Coordinate with external experts
      We maintain close contact and relationships with external experts, such as the police, violence-prevention associations, municipal centers for removal of criminal organizations, and lawyers, to coordinate efforts against antisocial groups.
    4. Have no relationship with antisocial groups
      We do not enter into any relationships or business transactions with antisocial groups and refuse to yield to their unreasonable demands. If we find that an antisocial group is behind a business transaction that we have entered into with an external party, we terminate such transaction immediately.
    5. Prohibit backroom deals with or funding to antisocial groups
      We do not cut any backroom deals with antisocial groups or provide any funding to them.
    6. Take legal action against antisocial groups
      We reserve the right to take legal action under civil and criminal codes against antisocial groups when they make unreasonable demands to us.
  • Prohibit insider trading
    We embrace the objective of the regulatory framework governing insider trading and keep unpublicized significant information known to us confidential until it is publicly disclosed. We do not seek personal gain from trading stocks of the Group, clients, or suppliers based on unpublicized information obtained in business.
Protection and preservation of assets and information
  • Prohibit abuse or misuse of the Group's assets
    We maintain the integrity of the Group's tangible and intangible assets, including products, facilities, equipment, information, and intellectual properties, and manage and use them appropriately. We do not use them for personal gain or for illegal purposes.
  • Prohibit conflict of interest
    We do not engage in any activities to seek personal gain or gain for family members, friends, or acquaintances at the expense of the Group's interests. Such activities include undertaking or engaging in business activities that compete with those of the Group and working for the competition.
  • Protect intellectual property rights
    We respect third parties' intellectual property rights, including patents and copyrights.
  • Protect confidential information
    We keep under tight wraps confidential information relevant to the Group or third parties obtained in business, including trade secrets, technical information, and know-how, and do not share it without permission with any external parties or the Group's officers or employees who have no need to know such information in their official capacity. We do not use such information for any purposes other than as originally intended.
  • Protect personal information
    We keep under tight wraps personal information about the Group's officers and employees and that of clients and suppliers obtained in business and do not share it without prior consent with any external parties or the Group's officers or employees who have no need to know such information in their official capacity. We do not use such information for any purposes other than as originally intended.
Safety considerations
  • Give a high priority to safety
    We consider it one of the Group's social responsibilities to ensure safety in business, including ensuring the safety of products and services that the Group offers and ensuring safety in workplaces. We give a high priority to maintaining safety across the Group's value chain.
  • Ensure occupational safety and health
    We adhere to the Industrial Safety and Health Act and the rules established to prevent occupational accidents. We ensure the safety and health of the Group's officers and employees and promote a safe and healthy working environment.
Environmental considerations
  • Reduce environmental impacts
    We give a high priority to establishing a circular resource system as a step toward achieving a sustainable society. We make every effort to reduce environmental impacts of the Group's business operations across the value chain.
  • Manage industrial waste
    We adhere to laws and regulations governing the management and disposal of industrial waste generated in business operations, as well as laws and regulations governing the recycling and saving of resources.
  • Prevent pollution
    We adhere to laws and regulations governing the prevention of air and water pollution, noise, vibration, offensive odor, soil contamination, and dioxins, as part of our efforts to conserve and protect the environment.

[Supplementary provision]

The revision or abolition of these Compliance Guidelines must be endorsed by the Director in charge of compliance and is subject to a resolution by the Group's Board of Directors.

January 1, 2020
The AMITA Group