Chairman and Chief Visionary Officer
Collaborative efforts to create an ideal future
My responsibility as Chief Visionary Officer of the AMITA Group includes leading the Group's business development efforts to enhance its longer-term enterprise value. I am also responsible for nurturing and developing relationships with a wide range of current and future stakeholders.

In November 2022, AMITA announced its initiative and commitment to creating an ecosystem society by 2030. We define an ecosystem society as one in which an abundance of people-to-people and people-to-nature relationships makes more of a difference than financial and material prosperity.
In pursuit of such an ideal future, I am determined to devise a forward-looking and industry-leading corporate strategy for the Group to initiate business ventures meant to drive social innovation.
President and Chief Integrated Operations Officer
Playing an integrated role of COO and CFO to
maximize the Group's operating capital and
ensure the effectiveness of its business strategy
As Chief Integrated Operations Officer, I am responsible for overseeing the Group's day-to-day business operations; developing the Group's quantitative growth strategy; and engaging with investors, analysts, and financial institutions.

In March 2022, the AMITA Group announced its commitment to pursuing stakeholder-centric business management, making all its Directors responsible for increasing its enterprise value, which represents the sum of the value that the Group's operations provide to all its stakeholders.
It is, therefore, our duty to achieve an ecosystem society in which people's relationships with others and with nature will be enhanced in proportion to economic development.
I intend to share the Group's quantitative and detailed growth strategy with stakeholders, ensure its effective implementation across the Group, and play my part in helping achieve the Group's vision.
OKADA Kenichi
Director and Chief Growth Officer
Pursuing an ecosystem-driven growth strategy
to design a bright and sustainable future
My responsibilities as Chief Growth Officer include developing and implementing marketing, business, and growth strategies to drive the growth of the AMITA Group. I intend to take cross-divisional, cross-functional big-picture approaches to lead the Group's efforts to pursue dynamic solutions for achieving its organizational and business growth in the long term. Since the early days, AMITA has been at the forefront of providing tangible commercial solutions to unmet social needs. I am confident that we will be able to prove that this hard-to-emulate business model will remain viable and scalable and continue to deliver solid results for years to come.
TAKANO Masaharu
Non-Executive Director
Making the most of digital solutions to design
a circular social infrastructure
The AMITA Group uses leading-edge digital solutions in its business of designing a better future. I bring to the Group the value of my experience and expertise in developing and operating a digital infrastructure for resolving social issues, as well as in media and business publication. My primary responsibility at AMITA is to help design and build a circular social infrastructure. I also play a role in engaging and communicating with our stakeholders to share a practical road map for achieving AMITA Vision 2030 and earn their buy-in and support to the Group's mission and vision.
Non-Executive Director
Developing a mutually supportive society
in which people and nature live close together in harmony
My life-long aspiration is to create an inclusive society in which people are connected with each other and with nature, and pass it along to future generations. I have spent my time and energy in wide-ranging grass-roots activities to promote environmental stewardship, women's empowerment, and community development, as well as promoting finance to be spent for the benefit of others and future generations. I also have years of experience in coordinating and facilitating dialogues and workshops in which people of diverse backgrounds voice and exchange opinions. My responsibilities in the AMITA Group include leveraging all these experiences to help develop an inclusive society that respects, encourages, and integrates perspectives of women and the public at large.
HASEGAWA Takafumi, Audit & Supervisory Board Member
NAKAHIGASHI Masafumi, Audit & Supervisory Board Member
YAMOTO Hironori, Audit & Supervisory Board Member