The AMITA Group: Forging the Future

design a sustainable society

"There is nothing that has no value." That is our motto. As we strive to make the best use of alternative resources, Our Mission is to create a future built on good relationships among people, and between people and nature. For more than 35 years we have offered diverse solutions to pressing issues including environmental challenges.

What are "Comprehensive eco-solutions"?

eco_sol1.jpgAMITA CORPORATION, which is part of the AMITA group, is a comprehensive eco-solutions company that improves corporate environmental strategies.
We have offered solutions for companies, national governments and local municipalities in Japan and other Asian countries.

International Strategy

map.JPGThis section provides an overview of our strategy in international markets, as well as related business accomplishments.
Using cutting-edge Japanese environmental know-how, we provide companies and governments with services that add value to their activities.

Recycling solutions

recycling_p.jpgAMITA has offered environmental business services to the world since the 1980s. Our experience, expertise and networks can greatly contribute to your own environmental efforts.

Our "trade business" takes by-products from production processes and turns them into substitute raw materials your company can use.
Our research unit conducts research on the environmental laws and ordinances, waste generation, and recycling-related businesses in various countries.

Environmental certification business

environmental_p.jpgAMITA is a pioneer of environmental certification in Japan. Our aim is to empower people to choose products produced in environmentally and socially beneficial ways. We offer certification services for companies, governments, associations and cooperatives involved in forestry, fishery and manufacturing, as well as for entities involved in the trade of forestry and fishery products.(FSC® N001887)

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