• What is "Comprehensive eco-solutions"?

What is "Comprehensive eco-solutions"?

AMITA Co., which is part of AMITA group, is a comprehensive eco-solutions company that improves corporate environmental strategies.
AMITA Group has developed various areas in the two domains below;

Environmental Strategy Design Business

Resource recycling and environmental risk minimization and Environmental certification and CSR marketing

Regional Design Business

Business development using unharnessed local resources

AMITA Co. provides clients with comprehensive solutions regarding supply chains by combining all of the expertise that we have developed over the years.


Annual Reports

Environmental Strategy Design Business

Regional Design Business

Services that constitute Comprehensive eco-solutions

map.JPGRecycling waste safely, stably and at a reasonable cost

AMITA Co. is one of Japan's major recycling companies with over 40 years' business competence. We have recycled countless varieties of waste into industrial materials by using our unique process; 'blending'.

amita49.jpgOffering stable recycling products by thorough quality control

We have provided various clients of material industries in Japan with our recycling products. The importance of alternative materials is growing relative to the rise in the price of fossil fuels.

amita44.jpgConsulting for environmental risk reduction

We offer specialized knowledge on environmental laws and practices to our clients. These consist of private companies, as well as ministries and governments.

amita43.gifConsulting for IT implementation in environmental projects

Most of our clients have increasing needs for cost reduction of environmental tasks. We meet their needs by the development of and provision for online applications in cloud systems.


amita41.jpgThe first MSC/ASC certification body in Asia

We utilize market power through international eco-labels that enable consumers to recognize products that are produced by sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. We work with clients and agents in Asian countries.

amita42.jpgPioneers in the field of FSC® in Japan

The AMITA Institute of Environmental Certification Co., Ltd. (AIEC) introduced Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certification for the first time in Japan in 1999. Now we are one of the market leaders in the field of this international forest certification.

naturalcapital.JPGDiverse support services to extract value from natural capital

We are conducting proof experiments on the development of business in Minami-Sanriku, a rural town hit by the Great East Japan earthquake. We utilize unharnessed resources to generate energy and local products, that leads to job creation and stimulates industry in the area.

Examples of services offered to clients


Results of the business:

Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. / CALBEE, Inc. / Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Limited / DAIKIN INDUSTRIES,LTD / DENSO Corporation / Ebara Foods Industry, Inc. / Fuji Oil Company, Ltd. / Fujikura Ltd. / Honda Motor Co., Ltd. / HOYA CORPORATION / Idemitsu Kosan CO., Ltd. / IHI Corporation / IMASEN ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. / ITO EN, LTD. / Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited / J-OIL MILLS , Inc. / JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation / Kewpie Corporation / Kirin Beverage Company,Limited / KYOKUTO KAIHATSU KOGYO CO., LTD. / Kyowa Hakko Kirin Company, Limited / Lion Corporation / Marubeni Corporation / Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited / Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. / MITSUI MINING & SMELTING CO., LTD. / Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. / Nippon Sheet Glass Company, Ltd / NOF CORPORATION / NORITZ Corporation. / NTN Corporation / PACIFIC METALS CO., LTD. / POKKA SAPPORO FOOD & BEVERAGE LTD. / SHIMADZU CORPORATION / Suntory Holdings Limited / The Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd. / The Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. / The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. / TOA OIL CO., LTD. / Toho Zinc Co., Ltd. / TOKAI CARBON CO., LTD. / TonenGeneral Sekiyu K.K. / TOYO INK SC HOLDINGS CO., LTD. / Ube Industries, Ltd. / Zeon Corporation

Governments and Ministries:

  • Ministry of the Environment (conducted planning and proving experiment to utilize wastes in a rural town hit by the Great East Japan earthquake)
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan (organized a model project that promotes agriculture of biodiversity conservation type)
  • Many local governments in Japan (business development, planning and operation of model projects, etc.)

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