AMITA's Product for Selling and Purchasing

We, AMITA CORPORATION, have been selling and purchasing the various goods among countries. For more information or inquiry, please click "Contact Us", fill in the form, and send it to us. We will reply to you soon and provide you the best solution.

Here, the below is the example of our products.

Silicon Carbide and Silicon Powder (Recycled)

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Based on our experience, AMITA has established a process to produce high-quality recycled silicon carbide and silicon powder for primary as well as high-tech industry.

RecycledSiC_002.JPGSilicon Carbide

DeoxidizingAgentSiP_002.JPGSilicon Powder

Glycol Recovered from Industrial Wastes

Based on our experience, AMITA has established a process to produce high-quality recycled Glycol for primary as well as high- tech industry.


Molasses is a by-product of refining sugarcane or sugar beets into sugar. Average sugar content: 50~70%

Alumina Ball (Brand New)

Alumina Ball is for sell as catalyst betting support, which is utilized for petro chemistry and natural gas industries.

Zinc Oxide

zinc_oxide_001.JPGsell.png purchase.png
Zinc Oxide with Zn 50~70% can be recycled for the usage of other Zinc products.

Spent Catalyst (Ni, Cu, Zn, Precious Metal Catalyst, etc.)

spent_catalys_001.JPGsell.png purchase.png
Catalysts usually contain nonferrous and/or precious metals, therefore recovery of those metals or reactivation and recycle of the spent catalyst is significantly important.

Ferrous Sulfate (FeSO4・7H2O)

ferrous_sulfate_001.jpgsell.png purchase.png
Ferrous Sulfate (FeSO4・7H2O) is produced in the process of manufacturing Titanium Dioxide. Ferrous Sulfate is utilized for variety purpose, such as the aggregating agent of effluent treatment.

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