Site Policy

This website (hereafter, "Website") is administered and operated by AMITA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. (hereafter, "AMITA"). When using or browsing the Website, each user (hereafter, "User") should be aware of the following policies and viewpoints.

Copyright, etc.

All documents, photographs, audio materials, illustrations, video materials and software applications (hereafter, "Content") featured on the Website are protected by copyright held by AMITA and/or third parties. With the exception of the following use, AMITA does not grant any right to exercise any copyright, patent right, trademark right or any other right whatsoever of AMITA or any third party in respect of the Content on this Website.

AMITA grants the User a license to private use of any and all Content as granted by the provisions of the Copyright Act (hereafter, "Private Use"). In the course of Private Use, if Content has AMITA or a third party's copyright notices or other clauses, it must be used with such copyright notices.

Beyond Private Use prescribed under the Copyright Act, without AMITA's prior written consent the adaptation of Content and its public transmission, etc. in any form or for any purpose is forbidden. However, when the scope of use goes beyond Private Use and the relevant Content displays conditions for such use, then use fulfilling the stated conditions shall be permitted.


AMITA does not warrant or guarantee the appropriateness or accuracy of any Content.
Content is subject to change, correction and deletion without notice.
AMITA accepts no obligation to update Content. Please be forewarned that information may not be up to date.

AMITA accepts no responsibility for inaccuracies, errors, missing information or the like on the Website, or on websites to which the Website is linked.
AMITA accepts no responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damage caused by any conduct based on the Content.


AMITA gathers personal information from Users, including Users making inquiries or applying for products or services. The gathered personal information is protected in accordance with the AMITA Group's privacy policy.
The AMITA Group uses gathered personal information for the purpose of communicating with Users, offering Users various forms of information (about products, services, seminars, exhibitions, etc.), and seeking User participation in questionnaires.
For any purpose other than those stated above, AMITA shall seek the prior written consent of the User.
Please contact AMITA about any other matter relating to personal information.


Links to this website

AMITA adopts the following viewpoint regarding links to the Website.
Apart from the link activities listed below as "Links that are not allowed", in principle a link can be made to the Website on condition the link makes clear that AMITA is the administrator and operator of the Website.

Links that are not allowed

Any link activity that may be interpreted as promoting, endorsing, defaming, or slandering any specific individual, association or organization.

Any link activity that has the aim or character of offending public order and morals.

Any link activity that contains misleading information about AMITA business activities.

Any link activity that has the potential to materially diminish the AMITA Group's image or credibility, or to threaten to infringe the rights of any specific individual or organization.

Any link activity that results in any Content appearing to be part of the website to which the link is made, such as Content appearing in a frame and giving the impression that it is part of a website other than the Website.

AMITA shall request the deletion of any link that AMITA deems inappropriate.

Links from the Website to websites administered by third parties

The Website may include links to websites administered and operated by third parties. Such links are provided purely at AMITA's discretion and AMITA bears no responsibility for the content, advertising, products and services published on the website reached from any such link.

Any User browsing a website administered and operated by a third party should consult, and abide by, that website's conditions of use.