Policy on excluding Antisocial Elements

The AMITA Group (hereafter, "Group"), acting in accordance with the Group's Compliance Guidelines and as stated below, takes a resolute stand against criminal organizations and any other individual or group embracing violence, coercion or fraudulent methods in the pursuit of economic gain (hereafter, "Antisocial Elements"). The Group hereby declares that the Group shall maintain no links with Antisocial Elements.

1. Systematic Group-wide response

The Group seeks to act in opposition to Antisocial Elements across the entire organization.

2. Securing the safety of officers and employees

The Group seeks to protect corporate officers and employees from any violence or coercion by Antisocial Elements.

3. Coordination with specialist bodies

The Group aims to foster close relationships with external specialists such as the police and lawyers, as well as federations, councils and other bodies dedicated to the eradication of violence and violent groups.

4. No links with Antisocial Elements

The Group strives to maintain absolutely no links, including business links, with Antisocial Elements. The Group moreover rejects any unwarranted requests by Antisocial Elements. Should any link with Antisocial Elements be discovered, the Group shall immediately dissolve the link.

5. A ban on secret deals with, and funding of, Antisocial Elements

The Group shall absolutely not engage in secret deals with Antisocial Elements and shall absolutely not extend funds to Antisocial Elements.

6. Legal recourse

In response to any unwarranted request by Antisocial Elements, the Group shall seek legal recourse under civil and criminal law.