Benefits of Certification|MSC/ASC

Acquiring MSC Fishery Certification and ASC Aquaculture Certification has the following advantages for fishers.

  1. Fishers can win the approval of third parties for sustainable fishery and aquaculture practices.
  2. Fishers can make marine resources sustainable through their own efforts.
  3. Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture can be passed down to their children and grandchildren.
  4. Fishers can enter new markets, including those overseas.
  5. Certification enhances the brand image of certified fisheries and their catches.

Acquiring MSC COC and ASC COC Certification has the following advantages for businesses.

  1. They can manage risks associated with raw material procurement.
  2. They can open new markets and get new customers by distinguishing their products.
  3. Certification can be considered a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, and businesses can incorporate environmental and social initiatives into their ordinary business activities (i.e., their main business) without having to undertake special initiatives.
  4. The MSC ecolabel and ASC logo can help a business present itself as eco-friendly.
  5. Acquiring highly trusted global certification can help enhance the brand image of the business and its products.
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