Sharing of AMITA's 100% Recycling Technology to Department of Environment Malaysia


Amita Corporation has been running recycle business and converting a variety of industrial wastes into alternative raw materials and fuels for decades. For achieving further developing in Asian countries, to create sustainable material chains is one of the important factors.

Director General of DOE have visited AMITA's Kitakyushu Plant

malaysia.jpgMarch 2016, Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment, Department of Environment (DOE), Malaysia came to Japan for study & training course which is officially supported by Ministry of Environment Japan and Kitakyushu city government which strongly backs up promotion of Japanese Recycling Technology to overseas.

Amita has been introducing valuable experiences in environmental related business to overseas. When Amita's recycle plant starts operation in Malaysia, it will be a great opportunity to contribute to forming sustainable material chains in Malaysia.

This Article is written by Eiichi Yamato,
Overseas Business Group, Amita Corporation.

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