• Business accomplishments

Business accomplishments

The AMITA group of companies has contributed to sustainable development through global resource circulation and utilization for over 40 years.The following is a record of our overseas business achievements:

World business network

map.JPGCountries where we have done business directly and indirectly are;

Taiwan / Korea / Russia / Malaysia / China / Philippines / Singapore / Indonesia / Thailand / Vietnam / Palau / USA / Sweden / Denmark / Australia / France / South Africa / Zimbabwe

AMITA's products and services

Supplying alternative raw materials and fuels:

factory.JPGBy delivering the right materials to the right users, we can make the best use of natural resources.
AMITA conducts domestic and cross-boundary trading of by-products and residues as alternative raw materials and fuels.

Producing alternative raw materials and fuels:

Every year, a variety of waste, residues and by-products are collected at AMITA resource recycling factories. At our factories, they are turned into alternative raw materials and fuels. The alternative raw materials produced, such as metals, non-metals and chemicals, are returned to material industries. With our "blending" process, 100% of the collected waste, residues and by-products are recycled. In other words, no secondary waste is generated in our recycling process. For more information about our unique "blending" process, please click here.

Overseas office and subsidiary


Overseas Office

  • AMITA South Korea (1991) 

Overseas Subsidiary

Overseas Plant

The research project for greenhouse gas reduction in Surabaya, Indonesia

20130822_image1.JPGAMITA conducts a research project for greenhouse gas reduction by treating wastes generated through daily life and industrial activities in proper manners. Especially the research focuses on the efficiency in converting wastes into substitute materials and fuels for industrial usage, for instance cement industry. The research project is initiated and supported by Ministry of Environment Japan and will be completed till February.(2014-2015)

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