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AMITA Group Companies "Design the Future" as We Aim to Achieve a Sustainable Society.


amita35.pngBy using our state of the art technology for changing "uncertainties" into "certainties," we will create a "sustainable industrial model" that avoids waste.

To "design the future" is to create a model of sustainable society by using the technology of "changing 'uncertainties' into 'certainties,'" When it comes to recycling waste, for example, we must continue to give users peace of mind by striking a balance among "stability," "safety" and "reasonable cost" and changing "uncertainties" (in both quality and quantity of material generated) into "certainties" (i.e., terrestrial resources that can take the place of natural resources). The future depends on such technologies for turning uncertainties into certainties.

We at the AMITA Group aim to achieve a sustainable society. This will require an "integrated social technology with both hardware and software" creating sustainable industries in which the more we develop, the more growth we have in natural capital and human capital. We've been building this technology for more than 40 years.

We declare that we can create better relationships by developing a sustainable value chain with a social technology that changes uncertainties into certainties. We promise to help clients achieve sustainable forestry, agriculture, industry, and commerce and aim to be a good business partner to all companies as we design a sustainable future together.

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