Changing Environmental Law in ASIA


Along with the rapid economic development in Asia, environmental issues have become one of the serious global problems. For the purpose of environmental protection and pollution prevention, the environmental laws related to air pollution, water pollution and waste management have been strengthened in Asian countries during the past few years.

Japan had also faced similar experiences on strengthening the environmental laws against environmental problems; that is, Japan has developed and implemented the strict regulations on pollution accompanied by the rapid economic growth after 1960's.

The population in Asia occupies approximately 40% of the world and Asian's economy shows 30% of the world's total GDP. With the prospect on expanding market in Asia, the increasing number of the global companies tends to invest in Asia. In such a circumstance, each company need to know the environmental laws very well and operate its business in compliance with such laws.

To build up the Environmentally Sound Business

environmental law seminar.jpgAMITA CORPORATION has conducted the researches on the environmental laws in various countries such as China, Thailand Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia. We have held environmental seminars about waste management and changing laws on oversea countries. Many participants from various kinds of industries have attended our seminars so far. We can also provide appropriate waste management and recycle solutions in your business operation area. For example, some of our recycling solutions are shown in the following page (

If you have any inquiry or face troubles related to environmental laws and waste management in overseas countries, please feel free to contact us.

This Article is written by Teruo Yamazaki, Overseas Business Group, Amita Corporation.

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