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Information Exchange & Cooperation Among Neighborhood Countries/Areas is Important for Resource Management


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We hardly realize the importance of constant flow of wastes treatment and recycling service till it is stopped. Last year regulation breach by some treatment companies have reduced industrial capacity of sludge treatment as well as its fee hike in Taiwan. The greater cost has forced some waste generators pile up their waste in their stockyard, hoping to see the fee drop. But things don't get better so quickly.International information exchange and cooperation could be important for such problem solving.

Problem? It Could be a Start for Another Improvement.

Taiwanese government and related treatment companies observed our plant of "AMITA Resource Recycling Factory" with good interest. What took them here was some improper industrial waste treatment practices in Taiwan.
As an intermediate waste treatment company, AMITA CORPORATION have a long history in recycling variety of industrial wastes.Our technique and knowledge turn industrial wastes, such as slurry and sludge, into valuable alternative raw materials and fuels.This intermediate waste treatment service contributes to greater wastes utilization by various industries, such as cement and iron in Japan.
For example, in Japan, about 480kg of wastes is utilized to produce 1t of cement. However in Taiwan,  appropriate waste utilization by industries could be quite limited due to regulatory restraints. In our discussion, both of us understand that not only regulation change but also awareness raising among waste generators, treatment companies and consumers is necessary for greater resource utilization in Taiwan.  
The Taiwanese delegation showed willingness to improve their situation,and AMITA is determined to cooperate with our neighbors like Taiwan for better environmental practices.

This Article is written by Hideko Kishimoto, Overseas Business Group, Amita Corporation.

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