Eat well, Eat sustainably!


Have you ever noticed this label put on seafood products?



ACC-MSC-020This mark proves that... (select the correct answer);

a) this product is tasty
b) this product is nutritious
c) this product is from sustainable fishery

Yes, it may be tasty and nutritious, but the answer is c); this "Eco label" promises you that the seafood comes from the fishery that is environmentally friendly and responsibly managed.

Your choice makes a difference on marine environment

MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) is an international non-profit organization established to promote sustainable management of marine resources, and provides international standard for sustainable fishery. AMITA is Asia's first MSC certification body, providing certification and audit service to traders, retailers, or processors which wish to handle sustainable marine products.

The number of the products with this Eco label is surely increasing, however it is still rare to find them in Japan or many of other Asian countries. The situation is not the same in western countries. If you go to grocery stores, you will find this label on variety of products such as canned tuna, frozen crab cake, or smoked salmon. Consumers can make ethical choice there.

I visited London last year. It was such an exciting moment that I could have a lunch at the first MSC certified fish and chips restaurant in London completely by chance!


You can enjoy tasty and nutritious seafood as long as marine resources are responsibly managed. Your choice can make a difference.   

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This Article is written by Aya Watanabe, Overseas Business Group, Amita Corporation.

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