In China, What We Need to Know about Waste Management in Compliance with the Law



In Asia, it is China that the largest number of Japanese company has advanced into. Since the Chinese government has clarified to strengthen their environmental policy, it is getting more important to know the related laws and points of waste management in order not to get involved in problems.

If your company has associated companies or your own factories in China, you have to know there are various risks in waste management. These days, the more laws related to waste management are enforced, the more companies have higher risks and even get involved in problems such as illegal waste dumping by irrelevant disposal companies in China. This is not other company's affairs but your company can be in trouble any time, if you don't know enough about local laws and practical points of waste management.    

Many of the seminar participants confessed

china_seminar.jpgFollowing the last year, AMITA held a seminar on risks and practical points related to industrial waste management in China on 29th September 2015 in Tokyo. At the seminar, almost all seats were occupied, and it kept keenly interested till the end of the seminar.

After participants recognized seriousness of the risks in China (almost 70% of participants confessed they became aware of their own problems in China), many of them get interested in checking how properly their factories manage their wastes. And some of the participants even consulted AMITA about specific issues right after the seminar. This is exactly what we expected. We would like more companies understand how serious those risks can be, and no one gets involved in the problems. AMITA is able to support those who have insecurities of risks above by providing reports of related local laws and field research, etc. not only in China but also other countries.
"When will you start moving against the risks?  It is NOW or NEVER!"


This Article is written by Kenichi Ito, Overseas Business Group, Amita Corporation.

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