The Initial Step for Recycling in Vladivostok


In winter season, I made business trip to Vladivostok Russia.
The photo was taken at Vladivostok airport right after my arrival.

At that time, outside temperature was around -20 ℃, which made my  body very cold,but local people were very tough because they had -38℃ experience there.

Recycling Activity in Vladivostok

Well, let's see something we could pay attention: Recycling Activity in Vladivostok.
It had not been common over there in Vladivostok for people to proactively segregate and collect reusable and recyclable wastes respectively for reuse and recycle purposes.

However, the recycling of plastics dumped from houses started last year.
Yellow recycling cases (photo attached) are placed near houses and periodically, collection vehicles come to pick them up to manufacture the black vinyl as recycle products.
We hope to see more recycling activities in Vladivostok in the near future.

This Article is written by Yasuko Sasaki, Overseas Business Group, Amita Corporation.

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