It Is Time to Care about Risks of Waste Management in China



Devoting budget and human resources to environmental management, especially of waste, most of Japanese companies seem to properly practice and improve their EMS. However, once it comes to overseas offices and/or plants, it doesn't seem to be confident.

The risk is now shifted to China

Japanese manufactures have been increasingly shifting their production facilities abroad, especially to China. This means that more industrial wastes are generated by Japanese manufacturers there. In other words, potential risks associated with waste management over there increase more than ever. However, how many of those companies implement appropriate EMS as they do in Japan?

AMITA held a seminar on risks and measures related to industrial waste management in China on 14th February 2014. At the seminar, 75% of attendees expressed that they have problems to be solved in waste and environmental management at their production sites in China.

 It is time to recognize the risk and take measures to it. AMITA is more than happy to offer assistance to take a first step. 

This Article is written by Aya Watanabe, Overseas Business Group, Amita Corporation.

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