Revitalization of villages to nurture regional economies with neglected resources


It ought to say that Japan's population has been decreasing and aging. Especially, we are, now seeing this more seriously in rural areas. Thus Amita is tackling to present a clue to the issues.

Many Genuine Resources in Rural Areas

IIDE_IMG_01.jpgTo take one instance of many Amita's activities for the said social problems, please give a glance at the activity in Iide-machi (small town in Yamagata prefecture). It was a trial training course organized by the local government and Amita as well as some other private companies. The aim of the course is to develop a special product with foreigners' viewpoints. During the course, foreign visitors and us, made a team and participated in various local activities, such as wild plants picking (picture).

IIDE_IMG_02.jpgAnd then, we discussed what kind of and how we can develop a unique product in the area.

In Iide-machi, we can see many genuine resources, which might be attractive for people living in urban cities and foreign countries. We had significant time and built a good trial course based on our past valid experiences.

There are lots of neglected resources in rural areas in Japan. With the resources, Amita will be providing comprehensive solutions to various problems in our societies through our ideas and experiences. . We are happy to hear precious resources in your local town.

This Article is written by Kenichi Ito, Overseas Business Group, Amita Corporation.

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