Aiming to Achieve "Leap Frog" Progress in Vietnam


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This is a scene you always see in Vietnam. I took this picture in Hanoi while I was trying to cross the street, which was not easy at all...
It is hard to recognize with this picture though, most people on the motorcycle are wearing colorful masks. Air pollution in urban areas is one of the major environmental problems in Vietnam.

JCM Project has Started

AMITA is trying to contribute for realization of low carbon society in Hai Phong, Vietnam with our recycle technology. This is part of JCM project which Japanese Ministry of Environment take the initiative. Basic Concept of JCM is to achieve Green House Gas (GHG) emission reductions in developing countries by diffusing Japanese leading low carbon technology, products, systems, and services there. Contribution of emission reduction is appropriately evaluated and the reduction amount can be utilized as credit which can be utilized to achieve Japan's GHG emission reduction target.
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Japan has suffered from serious environmental pollutions in return for great economic development, but we do not want those developing and emerging countries to follow the same footstep. It is Japanese responsibility to share our experience and solution to solve those problems. Economic, Social, and Environmental sustainability shall be achieved at the same time. We expect this JCM project to enhance those countries' "Leap Frog" economic and social progress.

We are going to introduce our project in Hai Phong city in this Recent New Page, so don't miss it!

This Article was written by Aya Watanabe,
Overseas Business Group, AMITA CORPORATION

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